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How to Make Wooden Toys That Kids can Ride?

Wooden Toys

Nowadays, wooden toys have become popular in the toys market. Buying wooden ride-on toys may be costly for you, but making this ride on car is easier and cost-saving. But how to make wooden toys that kids can ride. Well, with basic skills and tools, making wooden toys that kids can ride is simple. In the following discussion, we will try to reveal that tricks.

How to make wooden toys?

You may need different tools for different wooden toys, but some tools are essential for completing wooden ride-on toys projects such as Sander, drill, small hammer, router, saws, and file.

How to start wooden ride-on toys projects?

Start with creating simpler ride-on toys such as trucks, cars, and carts because these are not just easier to make but also a favorite for your kids. You can buy pre-cut wooden wheels and pieces from a woodworking store; just by assembling them, you can make a unique wooden toy for your kid.

What popular wooden toys can you make for your kids to ride?

There are hundreds of ideas, but here I will share the best three wooden ride-on toys ideas with their building instructions details that your kids love.

Wooden Scooter

Wooden Toys

I picked a wooden scooter as the first wooden ride-on toy. It is effortless to make, and your kids will love to ride the scooter.


  • Buy small metal wheels; get them from the scrap market, or use skateboarding wheels. If you do not get old wheels, you can buy them from the market. 1.5 inches to 2 inches high wheels are enough for the wooden scooter.
  • You can buy the pre-cut wooden pieces from the market for a scooter, or you can also cut the pieces. First, you will need to build the seat portion.
  • Build middle portion and attach seat portion with the middle part of the scooter; make sure its width should be more to place feet on that portion.
  • Prepare a straight wooden handle at its upper corner and point for wheel installation for the lower portion. Insert it from the hole but ensure it is free to move on both sides.
  • Install two wheels on the back and one on the front, but make sure the front wheel should be in the mid of the line of the back wheels for a balanced ride.
  • Sand and fill the voids and screw heads with wood putty; if you like, you also paint and seal to protect your scooter from wear and dirt.

Wooden Go Kart toy

Wooden Go Kart toy is a perfect ride-on toy for your kids from 5 to 7. I am sharing a low-budget wooden go-kart idea that will be awesome.

  • Prepare its frame; light wood like pine is the best option. Also need to make board setting from front back for better support. You can use any seat plastic, foam, or wooden, whichever you like. Also, make enough space to mount the engine in the frame.
  • After that, install a wooden axle on the front and attach it with the wheels.
  • Next, mount the engine in the frame.
  • Add bearing into the wood and insert them through the axle; never forget to put adjustable retaining rings on the inside of each bearing to protect the axle from slipping.
  • Install drive system, steering, and throttle; your cart is ready for the ride.

Wooden Car

Kids love to drive a car, and especially the wooden car chassis could be a great idea.

  • First of all, create the layout for the car.
  • Cut wooden pieces according to your template; it would be for the upper body.
  • Prepare its frame; you can use measurement to cut the proper frame for the car chassis.
  • Mount the engine in the frame under the seating area
  • Install wooden or plastic seats; two seats are enough
  • Buy older hard plastic wheels; power wheels wheel could also use
  • Install the drive system, steering, and attach it with the wheels and engine system
  • Place the upper body template, your ride on a wooden car is ready


Ride-on wooden toys are great for kids of age 4 and above. These are traditional and safe, budget-friendly, and durable. You can also try many wooden rides on toys ideas at home. We have also shared three best ideas that you can try at home to make an interesting ride-on toy for your kids.

What Type of Battery is a Power Wheels?

Power Wheels

The performance of Power wheel toys is mainly linked with the performance of their batteries. Most of us got confused about finding the correct type of battery that works with our power wheels when the battery damaged. When you want to learn fruitful information on baby car toy, you must check here at My Tiny Rider site.

Now the question is what type of battery is a power wheel. Continue reading the below content to get the answer in depth.

Power wheel Batteries Types

Power wheel Batteries Types


First of all, I will differentiate the base of charging. As you know, we frequently need charging for the power wheel batteries. So remember that when choosing a power wheel, batteries are rechargeable. But avoid picking the batteries that cannot be recharged.

Power wheel batteries need to charge for 18- 30 hours depending on their specification for the first time. On average, you need to recharge batteries for 12 to 14 hours for complete charging.


The voltage specification of a battery helps you decide its use for several purposes. The small toys mostly used 12V batteries. So the correct voltage type for the power wheel batteries is 12 volts.

You may think that regular batteries could provide more power and enhance your toy speed and performance, but it is not. These standard batteries are not designed for kids' toys and do not work with a power wheel.

You can also use higher voltage options, but it could be risky for your kid to control the power wheel toys, which may hurt them when playing. Higher power undoubtedly will increase the life of your fun, but it also increases the speed of power wheel toys that sometimes become tough to control, and kids may face an accident.

Types of Power wheels batteries with base

The most recommended type of power wheel battery is Lithium-ion based batteries. 12-volt lithium ion-based batteries are designed to fulfill all the requirements of power wheels.

They are equipped with advanced features that make them durable, long-lasting, and improve your power wheels performance. Lithium-ion batteries are quick to charge, resist temperature changes and even provide exemplary performance in difficult situations.

If you do not have the Lithium-ion power wheels battery for your power wheel toys, no worry Lead-acid battery could also work well for your power wheels. But only 12-volt lead-acid batteries in deep cycle specification could work well with your power wheels toys.

You may find other specifications, but experts do not recommend using other batteries except the above two. Lithium-ion batteries are the first choice, and then you could choose Lead-acid batteries if you find an inexpensive alternative to power wheels batteries.

Could I Use a 24-volt battery in place of a 12-volt battery?

Using a 24-volt battery in place of 12- volt battery in the power wheel is possible. You can quickly put a 24-volt battery in power wheels without any upgrade. But it could be risky for your kid to ride. So only use a 24-volt battery if you are ensured that your kid has control of fast speed and can drive safely.

Can I use a Motorcycle battery in my power wheels toys?

Using a motorcycle battery in power wheel toys is possible, but before choosing the motorcycle battery for power, wheels make sure the battery is 12-volt. Because using a battery of less than 12 volts will not work with your power wheels. Motorcycle batteries mostly come in 8-volts or less than 8-volts lead-acid specifications that could not run with power wheels.

Can I use my lawnmower battery in power wheels toys?

No, you cannot use a lawnmower battery in power wheels because most lawnmower batteries do not meet the demands of power wheel cars. It is only possible when you have a modern lawn mower battery with specifications of deep-cycle lead-acid in 12-volts or higher.


Undoubtedly, choosing the right type of battery could provide the best results. Only the rechargeable batteries, in 12-volts or higher with the lithium-ion or deep cycle lead-acid specification, could work in your power wheel toys.

How to Make Wooden Toys That Kids can Ride?

Nowadays, wooden toys have become popular in the toys market. Buying wooden ride-on toys may be costly for you, but making this ride on ca...